This is taken from a transcript of an interview with Ray in 2014.

There are always ways to get them {Social Security Numbers}. Personally, I still have a membership as a private investigator on a website where if I need your Social Security number, all I need is your first, middle, last name and an address where you previously lived within like the last 10 years. If I give them $57 or $58, they'll give me your Social Security number within 24 hours.

There are other little tricks where I can get it, without just getting it from your mailbox. There's one internet site that's an electronic check processing site. And if I just give them any check number, ABA routing number and account number and a check number, they then ask me what's my name.

And if I put your name in there and your address, it'll pop up with four different possible Social Security numbers for you, and the last four digits are x'd out, but the first five numbers of the Social Security number are right there. And if you know anything about Social Security numbers, they start on the east coast with 0 up in Maine, and they go to the west coast, they issue 6s.

There's a million ways to get your Social Security number without you actually telling it to me.

It's easier to get the credit report once you have the Social Security number. It's very easy. A few years back the government made the credit reporting agencies give you a free credit report every year. And then you had all these websites pop up, and a lot of others.

And I'll log on and say I want to check my credit and give them your birthdate, which is very easy to get, especially with social media today, etc. The birthdates take a second to find. I have your Social Security number, I put that in there and I put your name in there. Then it's going to ask me a few qualifying questions about you, which are very easy to guess, they're multiple choice.

That's just one way to gain the system that's out there. If I try to get 10 credit reports having the date of birth, Social Security number, I'll probably get 6 or 7 just by guessing the combination because you use common sense and most people, their answers fit into a certain category, you know what I mean?

Or I'd just buy it from the internet and like I said, $29 and I'll get it, I have it in three minutes. It's very easy. And it costs me $29. That $29 investment, once I get your credit report, if you have good credit, I can make thousands."

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