This excerpt is taken from an interview with Ray in 2014.

"The thrill, the excitement of committing crimes was always the attraction for me, you know what I mean? It was never about the money.

When I think about when I get out of here in the future, I would say 60% of the time I think that I want to go straight, you know what I mean? I have three daughters. I have a lot of things to stay out of jail for, but to be honest with you, it's an addiction. Forty percent of the time I'm thinking about other things that I want to try, other financial crimes that I have a pretty good idea would work.

And then I want to know, I want to test my theories to see if they do work. And when I think about that, I get excited, it's got to be some kind of medical thing wrong with me, but I do, I get excited about it.

Even with the police officer that arrested me, I joke with him and I say yeah, you know, I'd like to retire from this crime, but there's just a few more things that I really know will work and I want to try and see if they do. Not so much for the money, just to see if they will work.

I think of it as some people do crossword puzzles, some people do Rubik's Cubes. I like the idea that Citibank spends a billion dollars a year on fraud prevention and that little old me can come along with maybe five or ten thousand dollars worth of equipment and just whack 'em for 50-60 grand at a time, you know."

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