This is taken from the transcript of an interview with Ray in 2014.

"I came across this credit profile in a storage unit, a box of papers that had the gentleman's name and it was a very foreign sounding name...and his Social Security number, date of birth, previous addresses.

Also in this box were financial documents that told me right away this guy probably had sufficient amounts of money in the bank and definitely had good credit. Which turned out to be the case.

From just using the internet I was able to get some more information from the previous addresses, his wife's name, mother's maiden name, whether or not he had kid, whether or not he had other family. You know, some websites will show you someone lived in this house, everybody else that lived in that house and how they're connected.

Again, it went back when I applied for the Visa card in his name, it asked me three questions like which one of these people is related to you and through those other social media sites and stuff, you can get the answers to those questions. So just be prepared.

So I ordered a Visa card in his name and I got a card with a $7,000 limit.

With that card, I made a driver's license. This was back when I started making drivers licenses. The reason I started making drivers licenses was using these credit cards, for big purchases, people started more and more asking for a driver's license to go with the credit card and it got to be a real pain.

So I thought well, if the state and some civil servants can make a driver's license, why can't I? So I did some research, found out what equipment they used to make the drivers licenses, and found out that it's readily available if you know where to look. You can buy the same equipment that the state of California or the state of Texas can buy to make licenses.

It was very easy to make a driver's license to go with this gentleman's name. And I went down to Best Buy and got instant credit for I think another $8,000.

I then opened up three or four bank accounts in his name that I proceeded to run stolen business checks through. The biggest check that I ran through one of these accounts was about $32,000. And that's just one account, one check. I also ran other checks through that account, so on that one bank account that I got in his name, I probably did about $45,000. The other three were would've been less, but they were at least $10,000 or $12,000 in each one of those other three accounts.

The credit cards, the original Visa, I ran up the $7,000 limit. It was a Target Visa, and then I took a check down to Target customer service, paid the $8,000 bill off after I charged the card to the limit in four days. Paid the $8,000 with a bad check. Got a fresh $8,000 on the card, spent that, and then took another check down to Target customer service...paid that $8,000 and was able to get another $4,000 on that card before they shut it off. So that's $20,000 just on that one Visa.

And then the Best Buy card, I spent all the same day that I got it. I bought a couple of big screens for friends of mine and I gave all that Best Buy stuff away.

I know there were more credit cards that I got in his name because I really destroyed this guy's credit, you know. And afterwards I thought about it because I had never gotten so much credit from one profile, and I was like, I felt bad and I didn't usually feel bad, I was sorry to say. You know, I didn't really think about the damage, the headaches it caused people.

I don't remember the exact cards I got, but it was like four or five credit cards, all with big limits and it was like man, they're going to make it hard for this guy to get his credit straight, you know.

But so in one profile almost $100,000."

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