Episode 1

episode 1

Meet some of America's most dangerous identity thieves, the victims they impact, the experts who chase them, and the prosecutors who prosecute them.

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Episode 2

ep2 t

Now in prison, Ray talks about his career as a professional identity thief and why after more than twenty years of crime without a single arrest, he's looking at many years behind bars.

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Episode 3

ep3 t

Meet Angela, the Godmother of identity theft. More than 30 years of fraud and identity theft, starting at age 13, and never arrested once. But there's still a contract on her life.

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Episode 4

ep4 t

Angela talks gangs, data breaches, and identity theft. Just like Ray, Angela was hooked on the thrill, the power, and the ability to beat the system.

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Episode 5

ep5 t

Angela explains how easy identity theft has become.

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Episode 6

ep6 t

Prosecutors and victims tell their side.

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Episode 7

ep7 t

How you can avoid being the next identity theft statistic.

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